Nothing is true.
Everything learns.
Question. Verify.
Understand. Improve.

Follow your bliss.
Feel the power.
Use technology.

Share ideas.
Think in generations.
Live beyond others' norms.
Become your own nation.

Become technology.
Overcome yourself.
Achieve the impossible.

As you can become aware of a dream,
you can become aware of reality.
Beyond culture,
freedom begins.

To proof that our Manifesto was not altered, we have written it in stone: The SHA 256 checksum of our manifesto.txt (293388339d6a740ded15a39e0027c85bd6ead6bd9f05ff4830982b8235f2819d), which contains our Manifesto, was written to Block 767,946 of the Bitcoin Blockchain, based on the Proof of Existence Protocol. Here is the Proof of Existence Confirmation.