What is Ultanio?

A Big Vision with a 30-Year Roadmap to overcome the current Great Stagnation: Building an Alliance of strong, couragous and free spirits that work together in Ventures Beyond Culture based on a Meritocratic Algorithmic Governance Protocol.

What is the Great Stagnation?

Rising Debts of Nation States. A lack of Breakthrough Innovation. A Culture of Risk Aversion. 50 years ago for the first time humanity landed on the the Moon. Since then, our civilization made progress only in the realm of bytes, but not in the real of atoms.

What are Ventures Beyond Culture?

Multi-decade Ventures to create breakthrough innovations. We believe in the principle of bisociation: bringing together ideas from different fields and finding a missing links.

What is the Big Vision?

To overcome the limitations of humanity.

What is your Roadmap?

In 2023 we will publish a book that describes the philosophical and technological foundations of Ultanio. Based on this book we will open a Academy where we share our research and development.