Ultanio Book.

We want to find a new artform to express this big vision. We imagine a mashup of text and motion pictures that lay out the philosophical foundations. Ultanio Book is a way for anybody to get an understanding of the scope and benefits that Ultanio will bring to society.

Our current release is available in german.
Have a look!

Ultanio Epicenter.

Ultanio Epicenter is our first Real Estate Venture. We are looking for a very special location and a very special lot. We will build our first complex that will serve as the center of the Ultanio Alliance. We are open to all continents and countries.

Ultanio City.

Ultanio City is a major Venture and will be a landmark Venture for the Ultanio Alliance. We are looking to build a Special Economic Zone in cooperation with our Host Country. Ultanio City will be the novel approach to foster intelligent social interaction through architecture.

Ultanio Academy.

A revolutionary way humans learn. Based on the educational principles of Maria Montessori, the communication principles of Richard Bandler and Robert Dilts and on the newest advances in Machine Intelligence, ULTANIO Academy will pave the way to build stronger humans with bigger ideas for a brighter future.

Ultanio Chinese.

Our novel approach to learning Chinese signs in a virtual world, with all sense to improve the speed up to 100x. Our technology is based on Neuro Linguistic Programming and latest advancements in Machine Learning.

Ultanio Scout.

Our Venture with the goal to build novell services to better serve private citizens with cutting edge information technology to better make educated decisions. This Venture aims to build a global taskforce of Open Source Intelligence Researchers and an underlying Software Service, based on Machine Intelligence.

Ultanio Archipelago.

Our Venture to research a novel oral Insulin Therapy for Diabetes Type-1 patients.

Ultanio Youmanaka.

Our Venture to develop DIY Kits to Biohacker around the globe to foster the development of the so-called Yamanaka Factors.